How to send your TUTTO bag for repair:

  •  Include on the note LEGIBLY/CLEARLY your name, address, phone number and description what is in need of repair. Place your note INSIDE the luggage to ensure the note will not get lost. 

  • Be sure to CLEARLY label the To (Tutto address) and From (your address) on the exterior of the package. Please use a permanent marker to avoid smudging or place clear tape over the address.

  • If you need luggage/bag back by a certain date, indicate when and highlight the date. Please give a reasonable timeframe including delivery time from and to your location in addition to our usual 3-4 business days to process and repair.

  • We recommend use/purchase tracking number when shipping to us. Tutto is not responsible for lost shipment.

  • If luggage/bag is under 1 year warranty, please enclose a copy of your proof of purchase with purchase date clearly shown.

  • Customers are responsible for cost of shipping their luggage to Tutto and back. If under 1 year warranty, Tutto will cover the return shipping.