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The Tuttos are so much better than traditional carry-ons (Originally published 18 June 2004, last update 19 Feb 2005)

And Colleen suggests yet another brand :

I have used the Tutto carryons - the "suiter" and a smaller one for years. I fill them with clothes, papers and my lap-top. The great thing about the Tutto bags is that: they are incredibly lightweight, adding almost no weight to your things; and they are on four wheels, so you can manuver them easily, you don't have the weight of a two wheel pulling on your arm, and you can stack other heavy bags on top of them with no problem.

In almost ten years of use to travel at least once a week, and in the case of one I used as a briefcase, every day going to an office where I let it "roll" down a flight of stairs every day as I left, I had only one failed wheel (I lost a few handles when I forgot to take them off before checking them). My family also has the traditional two wheeled carryons that I purchased prior to getting my Tuttos and when the Tuttos are taken we use them so I have a firm basis for comparison.

The Tuttos are so much better than traditional carry-ons you wonder why more people don't have them. They are a little pricey, but I believe the biggest hindrance is they seem to market only through airline magazines. Anyway, I can't say enough good things about the product and I consider myself a very tough consumer.



San Jose Mercurynews August 7, 2005

How to lighten your load

"After arguing (successfully) through several layers of Alitalia management at the Malpensa Airport in Milan, I came home resolved never to face excess baggage charges again. The single heaviest packing challenge is - the bag! Mine weighed over 19 pounds empty. The Rolls-Royce of lightweight luggage is a company called Tutto, which I discovered online. They don't sell in stores. My replacement bag weighs a little over 11 pounds, it rolls effortlessly and, due to an exterior frame, packs more in a smaller bag."

The article has been removed from mercurynews website.